‘Seneca’ Review at AbsolutePunk

Hey guys and girls,

The awesome folks over at AbsolutePunk have reviewed our first album, ‘Seneca’. Check it out here.

They liked it.

Lion Cub

‘American Buffalo’ Officially Complete

Hey everyone,

We are extremely excited to announce that the tracking, mixing and mastering of our sophomore album, American Buffalo, is officially complete. First of all we’d like to thank Alex Mazzaferro of Aeroplane, 1929, Tom Diaz and Derrick Shanholtzer of The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die and our friend Jake Gold for contributing to the album. We honestly could not have made the record we have without them.

The album will feature 13 tracks:
1.) American Buffalo
2.) Goldenrod
3.) Flora/Fauna
4.) My Year in Cotton
5.) Hearts of Cloth
6.) Tuba Roses
7.) Xmas At the Winthrop
8.) Seymour
9.) Better
10.) Your Bronzed Apple
11.) Summer Olympic
12.) Washington Irving
13.) Modern Hermes

As we’ve announced here before, the album will be released by our good friends at Topshelf Records. The album will soon be up for pre-order at the Topshelf site, with all sorts of bonus material.

Lastly, and most importantly, we will be having a release show on Friday, June 24th at the Democracy Center in Cambridge Massachusetts with our best friends Radio Control and The World Is A Beautiful Place. Entry will be $8 and every person will get a free copy of the album.

Thanks everyone. Enjoy the weather.

Lion Cub

People Being Nice to Us

Since we released our new single and video and announced our new album, American Buffalo, we’ve had a lot of great folks writing about the song and record. In fact here is a list:

Make + Appreciate
Surviving the Golden Age
Punk News

Thanks everyone!!!

Lion Cub


Recording Journal: Day 31-35 – Vocoder, Guitar, Keys, Vocals, Mixing

Hey guys,

Well, after  5 months of recording all across New England, enlisting the talents of our friends in Aeroplane, 1929 and The World Is A Beautiful Place…, and countless sleepless nights, the recording of our second album, American Buffalo is officially complete.

First of all we would just like to thank Alex, Tom, Jake and Derrick for being a part of the record; they’ve all added their distinct touch and made this my absolute favorite piece of music I have ever been a part of. I quite literally could not have made the piece of music that I did without their help.

We finished tracking last week, with Chris, the fourth Lion Cub adding his guitar parts, vocals and even a vocoder part. Chris used the Fender ’72 Thinline Telecaster into Trevor’s Marshall JCM2000 combo amp. For the vocoder we used the Shure SM57 mic into Chelsey’s Alesis Micron. Following this last day of tracking was a serious mad dash of mixing in order to get the album ready to be mastered. The album is now in the capable hands of Dave over at Gradwell House Recording, who has been incredibly patient and helpful with our ignorant asses.

The album will be 13 songs, clocking in at roughly 50 minutes. For those who haven’t heard, we have released the first single “Flora/Fauna” as a free download here. Stay tuned, because we will be debuting a couple other songs from the album soon.

Right now we are planning a summer tour and all sorts of bonus material for the American Buffalo pre-order. Details will be announced soon.

Thanks everyone!

Lion Cub

Recording Journal: Day 30 – Vocals/Vocoder/Organ

Hey dudes!

Today was a big day and another big step toward finishing our debut album. Trevor and I both worked on vocals to several songs, putting us just a few solid days of tracking away from officially finishing American Buffalo. We also added vocoder to “Your Bronzed Apple”, and organ to “Goldenrod”, using Chelsey’s Alesis Micron and the Shure SM57 microphone. For vocals we used the Audio-Technica AT2020 condenser mic, as always.

Tomorrow we will be adding one last guitar part, some more vocals, a few more keyboards from Chelsey and some cello.

Stay tuned, and of course, if you haven’t already, make sure to download our new single “Flora/Fauna” and check out first music video for the song HERE.