Lion Cub – Seneca Digital Book

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Two summers ago Chelsey and I realized her mother’s piano was out of tune. Every day we felt the heat coming slow and sapped, like a breath of uncurling ivy, and we wrote songs for Seneca out of key. I borrowed an acoustic guitar. I bought a tambourine. We drove from a beach in Massachusetts to a house in New Haven, old and stately and built into dusty corners, three floors up with a window on a street green with elms and grandfather oaks. We finished the album in a bedroom in a valley. I wrote the words thinking about the heat slipping back away, the wax and wane until it was fall. I was writing something about what a friend told me, something about what we inherit when we are born American. We bought a drum machine and hidden away somewhere you can hear a summer’s worth of dust, still bloomed, even under snow, and something snapping and sounding like an electric light. We finished a record called Seneca in the winter of 2010, and we have each lived more than twenty years now and it is getting to be summer again, and soon we can see ivy.

Lion Cub is:
Chad Jewett
Chris Grabowski
Chelsey Hahn
Trevor Johnson


Alex Mazzaferro
Julian Veronesi
Matt Dufresne
Wil Mulhern
Jacob Goldman
Aubrey Melanowski


1.) Paintings of Hungry People
2.) Southern Salt Baptist
3.) Meridian
4.) The Bird On Your Sill
5.) Pilgrim
6.) Other Names for Saints
7.) Poison Tree
8.) Narration (At the Bottom of the Sea)
9.) Cathedral
10.) Our Hound
11.) Seneca (Hatchet)


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