‘American Buffalo’ Officially Complete

Hey everyone,

We are extremely excited to announce that the tracking, mixing and mastering of our sophomore album, American Buffalo, is officially complete. First of all we’d like to thank Alex Mazzaferro of Aeroplane, 1929, Tom Diaz and Derrick Shanholtzer of The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die and our friend Jake Gold for contributing to the album. We honestly could not have made the record we have without them.

The album will feature 13 tracks:
1.) American Buffalo
2.) Goldenrod
3.) Flora/Fauna
4.) My Year in Cotton
5.) Hearts of Cloth
6.) Tuba Roses
7.) Xmas At the Winthrop
8.) Seymour
9.) Better
10.) Your Bronzed Apple
11.) Summer Olympic
12.) Washington Irving
13.) Modern Hermes

As we’ve announced here before, the album will be released by our good friends at Topshelf Records. The album will soon be up for pre-order at the Topshelf site, with all sorts of bonus material.

Lastly, and most importantly, we will be having a release show on Friday, June 24th at the Democracy Center in Cambridge Massachusetts with our best friends Radio Control and The World Is A Beautiful Place. Entry will be $8 and every person will get a free copy of the album.

Thanks everyone. Enjoy the weather.

Lion Cub


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