Recording Journal: Day 29 / NEW SHOWS!!!

Hey dudes!

Yesterday Trevor began finishing up his vocal parts for the album, which simply means that if you listen closely enough, you will hear two morons reciting King of the Hill jokes over otherwise perfectly good pop songs. Besides that Trev added harmonies to “Tuba Roses” as well as a kick-ass outro. He also sang on “Hearts of Cloth”, and that song is now one of my favorites. We used the Audio-Technica AT2020 mic. Today I will be adding a few incidental things and Chelsey will be finishing up her keyboard and xylophone parts, then the album should be juuuust aboooooouuuut done.

Also, we are playing two release shows this weekend for two of our favorite bands. Here are the details:

April 23rd – Tavern at the End of The World
(Radio Control release show!!)
108 Cambridge St.,
Charlestown, MA

April 24th – The Middle East Upstairs
(The Okay Win CD Release Show!!!!)
Massachusetts Avenue,
Cambridge, MA

See you then!

Lion Cub


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