Recording Journal: Day 28 – Vocals, Guitar, TWIABP, Organ

Hey dudes!

We are now very much in the homestretch of recording the second Lion Cub album. At this point we can say that all guitars are now complete (!!!) except for a handful of parts I would like Chris, Lion Cub alum and producer of our first album, to play. Trevor has completed his guitar work as well. He added the amazing lead part he wrote for “Better” as well as lead parts to “Washington Irving” and “Seymour”, as well as some rhythm guitar to “XMas At the Winthrop” and “My Year In Cotton”. He used my Telecaster Thinline through his Marshall JCM Combo on all of those.

On Monday we travelled down to Willimantic, CT to hang with the awesome dudes from The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die (both your and my favorite band). Derrick was kind enough to add some shred to “Summer Olympic” and “My Year In Cotton” (which is quickly becoming my favorite song on the album), and Tom added incredible vocals to “Summer Olympic” and  “XMas At the Winthrop”. Derrick used his Gibson SG into a half stack of unknown origin. There were lots of pedals involved too, including but not limited to a delay and a loop pedal.

I also added some organ to a few songs, using Chelsey’s ancient Casio synthesizer. All that is left at this point are the remainder of Trevor’s vocals, a few bits and pieces from our friends in Aeroplane, 1929, and the album will be complete!!! We have a few shows coming up, including release shows from two of our favorite bands, so please come check those out.


April 23rd – Tavern at the End of The World
(Radio Control release show!!)
108 Cambridge St.,
Charlestown, MA

April 24th – The Middle East Upstairs
(The Okay Win CD Release Show!!!!)
Massachusetts Avenue,
Cambridge, MA
Thanks everyone!

Lion Cub


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