Recording Journal: Day 27 – Vocals

Hey dudes!

So we’ve been working on vocals, trying to jump that last hurdle. I’ve finished up “Seymour” and “Tuba Roses”, leaving just a handful of songs left to be completed before we have Trevor (and hopefully Alex of Aeroplane, 1929 fame) add their parts. We will also be having a few special guests come in to add a few bits and pieces (hint: they are members of the outstanding Topshelf Records family).

I used the Audio Technica AT2020 compressor microphone to record the vocals. That’s about it for the nuts and bolts of it. Please stay tuned as we have some extremely exciting news about the new album coming very soon.

Thanks a bunch guys! Also, check out the new Bill Callahan record; it’s like a Cormac McCarthy album set to music.

Lion Cub


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