Recording Journal: Day 25 – Bass, Xylophone

Hey dudes!

So after a lovely show in Lowell (with the always great Action Park) we continued to chip away at the last bit of recording for the album. First I finished up (!!!) bass for the record, adding programmed bass for “Better” via the Alesis SR18 Drum Machine and bass guitar (Fender Highway One Precision Bass, Ampeg SVT4 Pro Bass Head) to “Washington Irving”. I sent the amp direct-in.

We then began adding xylophone to the album, miking Chelsey’s Trophy Xylophone with the Shure SM57. Chelsey added xylophone to “American Buffalo”, “My Year In Cotton”, and “Xmas At the Winthrop”. I added xylophone to “Modern Hermes” and “Better”. We will be working on vocals Wednesday and Thursday and hopefully be pretty close to finishing the album by mid-April. Stay tuned dudes.

Lion Cub


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