Recording Journal: Day 23 – Guitars, Mixing

Hey dudes!

After a few days off to attend to other things (going outdoors, sleeping properly, buying the new Rival Schools album, watching TV) we once again dove headfirst into recording. Yesterday we worked on guitars in Chelsey’s mom’s house, which is all wood floors, and quite large, so we were able to get some nice, more expansive sounds than the bedrooms we’ve been working in so far.

I used Trevor’s American Telecaster, running it into my Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410 combo amp, miking that with the Shure SM57. I added a few new guitar parts to “Summer Olympic”, then went about mixing for a while. Today was mainly spent mixing as well, getting three of the songs I’m most excited about, “American Buffalo”, “Flora/Fauna” and “Washington Irving”, just about ready to go. I have a few parts left to sing on “Washington Irving”, and Chels needs to add xylophone and piano, but we’re getting there!

Tomorrow we will be filming our first music video with our friend Dan for the first single from American Buffalo, “Flora/Fauna”. We were also able to get six Red Baron pizzas for only $21. I know, pretty amazing. Stay tuned dudes, we have some shows coming up, some announcements about the album pre-orders, etc… coming soon. Thanks!

Lion Cub

Currently listening: The Faint – “Take Me to the Hospital” – Saddle Creek 50


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