Recording Journal: Day 22 – Synthesizer

Hey dudes!

Today we got a chance to hang out with one of the best friends our band has ever had, the one and only Alex Mazzaferro, of Aeroplane, 1929.  Besides eating both brunch and dinner, discussing Henry James and generally just hanging out, Alex added some much needed (and simply amazing) keyboards to “Your Bronzed Apple”. Alex used the Alesis Micron, which we ran direct in to the MBox. Alex will be adding more keyboards, as well as harmonies in the near future.

Other than that I did a bit of mixing and editing, mainly to “Washington Irving” which we have been working hard on. We are also working to get a final mix of “Flora/Fauna” ready in time for the video shook this weekend. Other than that we’ve mostly been planning details for the new album as well as a summer tour. Stay tuned for those. Lastly, if you’re not following us already, we have a twitter: @LionCubMA. Follow us!!!!  Also, give us a listen over at our myspace, and while you’re there check out our upcoming shows.

Thanks dudes!



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