Recording Journal – Day 21: Vocals, Xylophone

Hey dudes!

We have a short break in shows coming up  (and by short break we mean about 2-and-a-half weeks) so we’re trying to make as much headway with the record as possible, concentrating on finishing up last bits of songs that need completing.

Today I worked on “Tuba Roses”, adding my first round of vocals (recorded with the Audio-Technica AT2020) and a bit of xylophone (recorded with the Shure SM57), the rest of which Chelsey will finish soon.

Besides that it was a day of mixing and editing. We are also looking to use the time off to learn a few new songs from American Buffalo to add to the set. So far we’ve played a few from the new record: “American Buffalo”, “Better”, “Flora/Fauna” and “Modern Hermes”.

That’s pretty much everything new with us at the moment. More updates later!

Thanks dudes!

Lion Cub


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