Recording Journal: Day 17 – Guitars, Editing / NEW SHOWS!!!

Hey guys!

So in between learning new songs from the album to play live and working on early plans for the first Lion Cub music video (!!!) I have been working slowly but surely on guitars. We have begun using Trevor’s American Telecaster, fresh from a lovely set-up and intonation job over at Downtown Sounds in Northampton (Owen is a genius, seriously, check him out for all your guitar up-keep needs). Today was spent finishing up guitars for “Flora/Fauna” which will be the first single from the album. Those are now officially done (hooray!). I also added a few parts to “Goldenrod” and “Summer Olympic”, using my Fender ’72 Telecaster Thinline. This evening will be spent working on Chelsey’s keyboard parts.

I used the Marshal JCM 2000 DSL 201 Tube amp for all of those and the Shure SM57 mic. I also did a bit of editing and mixing, just to keep things fairly up-to-date. At this point we’re looking at having the album just about done for the end of March, maybe sooner. Pumped!

Also, tomorrow, Friday February 25th we will be playing with our very good friends Outsider Joe and Streight Angular at the UCC in Fitchburg, MA. This show will be incredible, believe me. Here are the details:

February 25th – The UCC
923 Main Street,
Fitchburg, MA
(w/ Outsider Joe, Streight Angular, Mountain Interval!)

Thanks guys!

Lion Cub


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