Recording Journal: Day 10 – Guitars, Keys, Synthesizer

Hey guys,

After finding a really nice clean tone on Trevor’s JCM 2000 DSL201 Tube Amp yesterday I decided to continue with guitars today, cleaning up a few things from yesterday and adding new things to a couple songs. I once again went with the Fender ’72 Telecaster Thinline, I’ve really been loving it for lead parts.

I also added a bunch of keys to the two songs I worked on today (“Seymour” and “Xmas At the Winthrop”), using both the Casio (which I close-miked with the Audiotechnica AT2020 and the Alesis Micron which I sent direct-in to the MBox. Both songs are pretty near finished at this point, they just need Chelsey and Trevor’s parts and vocals. Chelsey is still working on found sounds, using a digital hand-held tape recorder. Tomorrow will likely be more guitars (once again the Telecaster for the most part) and maybe some keys.

Pretty soon we’re going to start working on some more atmospheric stuff, things to connect the songs and segue in and out of tracks. We also have a few shows coming up, including February 10th at Westfield State University with our good friend Jimmy and his amazing new project Young Minds.

Here are some specifics on today’s work:

“Xmas At the Winthrop”
Clean guitar added, (Fender Telecaster Thinline, Marshall JCM 2000)
Synthesizer added, (Flute setting, Casio CT)
Synthesizer added, (Flute setting, Alesis Micron)
Synthesizer added, (String setting, Alesis Micron)

Clean guitar completed, (Fender Telecaster Thinline, Marshall JCM2000)

Thanks everyone!



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