Recording Journal: Day 8 – Synthesizers, Guitar

Hey dudes,

We did a bit of recording today, when not eating delicious Pinocchio’s Pizza (Harvard’s finest), listening to Small Brown Bike and watching Kids in The Hall. Chelsey also made two amazing types of cookie (the peanut butter kind with the Hershey Kiss and good ol’ American Chocolate Chip). I added a bit of guitar to “Goldenrod”, once again using the Fender Toronado into the Marshal JCM 2000 Tube Amp. I also cleaned up a few drum programming parts and added some keys courtesy of Chelsey’s Casio SA9 to one of the new, untitled songs, once again close miking the SA9 with the AT 2020. I also re-did the bass to “Washington Irving”, running my Fender American Precision Bass into the Ampeg SVT4 head, straight into the MBox.

Here is a list of specifics for the day:

Rhythm guitar added (Fender Toronado, JCM 2000)

“New Song 2”
Synth added (Casio SA9, “Harp” setting)
Organ added, (Casio CT 538)

“Washington Irving”
Bass added (Fender American Precision Bass, Ampeg SVT4 Tube Head)

Thanks dudes!

Lion Cub


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