Recording Journal: Day 6 – Synthesizers, Keyboards

Hey everyone,

After a day off we’re once again pushing forward with the album. Today we focused on keyboards, using a few keyboards that Chelsey had inherited from various relatives: a Casio CT 638 and a Casio SA 9. The SA 9 doesn’t have any sort of direct out so we miked it with an Audio Technica AT 2020 condenser microphone. The CT 638 has a 1/8″ out but I liked it better miked the with the AT 2020 so we went with that.

I used the flute and pipe organ setting  on the 638. The flute setting had a nice bright, Mellotron tone to it. There were a few pre-programmed beats on the SA 9 that we’ve been tinkering with for interludes and such. One of the concepts for the record has been finding ways to thread the songs together, and the effects we’ve been finding on the SA 9 have been great. We also used the marimba setting on the SA 9 and got some great sounds.

The last thing we worked on was bass for an as-of-yet untitled song for the record. I wanted a I really clean, smooth tone so I used the Alesis SR 18 Drum Machine and used a fretless band setting and played it live. It came out nicely.

Tomorrow will likely be more organ, keys, effects and such. Here is a list of what we got done today:

“New Song 1”
Bass (Alesis SR 18), completed
Synthesizer (Casio CT638, “Flute”), completed
Organ (Casio CT 638), completed

“New Song 2”
Organ (Casio CT 638), completed

“Modern Hermes”
Synthesizer (Casio SA 9), completed

Lion Cub


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