Recording Journal – Day 5: Bass

Hey everyone,

So today I focused on finishing up the bass, specifically the bass for the heavier songs on the record. We still used the Fender American Precision bass into an Ampeg SVT4 Tube head, direct in. This leaves only a handful of songs that still need bass, although we may use synth bass for those songs to get a really round, pristine tone. Surprisingly the strings still have a nice pop to them, even though I’ve been playing pretty constantly for the last three or four days. I’ve been playing with the pickup heights a bit so as to dig in a little harder when picking without creating too much noise or peaking.

After finishing up bass I added drum programming for the last of the 18 songs on the record. We had to wait to add the last song, “Summer Olympic,” till Alesis sent us a new adapter for the SR18 drum machine (the old one broke halfway through tracking the drum loops). Now the major drum parts for all 18 songs are finished. We will definitely be adding more incidental drum stuff later on though. For the drum machine parts we went direct into the MBox using the SR18’s Main Left and Main Right outputs, straight into the Input 1 and Input 2 on the back of the MBox, then panning the two channels Left and Right respectively in the mix. For some of the denser, heavier songs we keep the drums panned closer to center, for the more open, atmospheric ones we generally go about 50-60% out from the center.

That’s about all for now. Tomorrow we will begin working on more keyboards and synths and I will start work on clean guitar on Monday. Here is a list of what we accomplished today:

“Tuba Roses” – Bass, completed

“Your Bronzed Apple” – Bass, completed

“Hearts of Cloth” – Bass, completed

“Summer Olympic” – Bass completed
– Drum programming, completed

“Athena (Version 2)” – Bass completed

“Western Homes” – Bass, completed

Thanks dudes!



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