Recording Journal: Day 4 – Bass, Editing, Programming

Hey dudes!

Day 4 of live tracking! We started out with a bit more work on bass, still using a Fender American Highway One Precision Bass into an Ampeg SVT4 Tube Head. I went back a cleaned up a few parts from the songs I worked on yesterday and worked on a couple new ones. We’re still focusing on the songs that call for a sharper bass sound, using a pick on fresh strings.

In the fall we demoed all the songs in Garage Band, and actually came up with a handful of really great atmospheric parts, and some drum programming that we ran through the Bit Crusher program. Garage Band also has a surprisingly nice delay and reverb sound so there was also a few keyboard parts that we wanted to use as well. We exported these parts out to ProTools and edited them into the tracks. It came out nicely.

Tomorrow will once again be bass. Thus far we have 7 down, 11 to go, although some will probably get done after guitars are finished to make sure that everything communicates correctly. Here is a list of what we accomplished today:

Bass, completed

“Spc Mtn, 2006”
Bass, completed
Electric piano, (Garage Band delay)
Drum Programming (Bit Crusher added)

Bass, finished

Thanks everyone!


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