Recording Journal: Day 3 – Bass, Synthesizer

Hey dudes,

This brings us to Day 3 of live tracking for our new record. Today I recorded bass for the batch of songs that I’ve been working on the last two days. I used a Fender American Highway One Precision Bass into an Ampeg SVT4 Tube Bass Head. I ran the head straight into the MBox. As I mentioned before I worked on some of the more upbeat, loud songs first to take advantage of that nice bright, springy “new string” tone.  I went with XL Medium Gauge Nickelwound strings.

I also added a couple of keyboard parts with our Alesis Micron Synthesizer. Check out the specifics below. Tomorrow will be more bass.

“Modern Hermes”
Bass , completed
Synthesizers, 1-3 completed

Bass, completed

“American Buffalo”
Bass, completed

Thanks guys!
Lion Cub


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