Recording Journal: Day 2 – Guitars

Hey dudes,

Today was the second day of live tracking, and I continued with guitars on the first batch of songs. I stuck with the ’72 Telecaster Thinline Reissue (we have an American Telecaster in the shop for some work) and the Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410. I also used a Boss DD6 Digital Delay pedal for a few lead parts. I’ve found that the DD6 gives off a nice ringing tone for higher end parts, especially stuff above the 10th fret on the B and high E strings. I keep the sample length short so that it’s more like a very compressed echo than a wide delay. Good News For People Who Love Bad News by Modest Mouse and More Adventurous by Rilo Kiley are both good examples of what we’re going for for a lot of the lead parts. I will list the specific work on each song below.

I also picked up a set of medium XL strings for my Fender American Precision Bass in anticipation for tomorrow’s  bass tracking. I will be running the bass into an Ampeg SVT4 tube bass head which I will run straight into the MBox. The basic idea is to go through the more upbeat, heavy songs first to take advantage of that brighter, sharper “new string” tone, and waiting for the softer songs until the strings get a tad duller, rounder.

Chelsey has been recording a lot of found sounds and such to fill out the atmosphere for between songs and intros. We will be working on her keyboard parts soon, and any incidental organ stuff to thicken choruses, etc… We’ll be doing more guitars with Trevor’s Marshall JCM2000 tube combo amp once we get the American Telecaster up and running.

Here is what we got done today.

“American Buffalo”:
Rhythm Guitars 1-3, completed

“Washington Irving”:
Lead Guitars 1-2, completed
“Atmosphere” guitar 1-2, completed
“Delay” lead, (DD6 Delay), started

“Modern Hermes”
Rhythm Guitar 1, completed
Lead Guitar, (DD6 Delay), completed

Lead Guitars 1-4, completed
Rhythm guitars 1-3, completed

Thanks guys!

Lion Cub


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