Back Home, New Record, Etc…

Oh hi!

So we’re back from our short-but-sweet Winter Mini-Tour. I think the three of us all agree that these five days contained some of our best shows as a band. We played with some absolutely amazing dudes (The World Is A Beautiful Place…., We Were Skeletons, Ape Up!, Why Are We Still Friends?, Osier Bed, and so on and so on) and were greeted with serious kindness by a lot of very lovely people. We were able to make it home without losing money, which is all we could ever ask for, and we have the following people to thank for it:

Stephanie, Olivia and Nick at the Sockhop.
Derrick, TWIABP and all the folks at the Handsome Woman.
James and everyone at Party Xpo.
All the incredible people at Houseasaurus.
Brandon and every ridiculously nice person who came out in Lancaster.

Now that we’re home we’re starting to really focus on the follow-up to Seneca. Right now we have 18 songs that we will be recording for the album. Odds are some will be released in various other fashions, but the bulk of this music will be on the album.

Lastly, we have a few shows coming up, many of them with dear friends. This Saturday you can see us at the Launchpad House in Roxbury with the amazing Sinbusters. Here is the info for that:

January 22nd – THE LAUNCHPAD (HOUSE)
Centre St., Roxbury, MA
(w/ The Sinbusters)
7pm / Donations
email us for an address:

Thanks so much dudes!

Lion Cub

Currently listening: Rilo Kiley – The Execution of All Things 7″


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