Lion Cub’s 50th Show!!!

Hey guys!

It has been a lovely first year; we released our first album Seneca through our good friends at Topshelf Records, we toured the East Coast, played shows with some absolutely amazing bands (Aeroplane, 1929, Karate Christ, Fugue, The Sinbusters, The Procedure Club, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Gregory & The Hawk, The Okay Win, El Spectre and on and on and on), and have met a lot of really lovely people.

This Friday we will be playing our 50th show at the house of our very good friend Outsider Joe in Athol, MA, a free Christmas bash with cookies and punk rock and dancing! We would love to see you guys there, and we’d like to extend a huge thank you to Joe for having us. Here is the info:

December 17th – Christmas Basement Show!!!
773 Chestnut Hill Ave.,

Athol, MA
6pm / donations
(w/ our good friend Outsider Joe)

Thanks guys!!!


Currently listening: Braid – Movie Music Vol. 1


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