TOUR!!! Part 3

Hey everyone!

We are now on Day 9 of our East Coast tour. Currently we are staying in the beautiful Georgetown neighborhood of Washington D.C. with Chelsey’s cousin for a nice day off. Yesterday we explored all the Smithsonians and today we will check out the monuments. Georgetown is definitely one of our new favorite places. The last few days have been incredible and the most fun we’ve had as a band. First off, we owe a huge thank you to Michelle, Miranda, Clare, Kate, Bill and everyone at the Wildflower Cafe in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. They were all incredible hosts and helped make the show one of our best (free vegan cookies didn’t hurt either). We will be back there many times in the future!

Thank you also to our friend Mary for having us on the 4th in Philadelphia. Independence Day in one of our nation’s birthplaces was pretty terrific, especially with our friends in Aeroplane, 1929. They are still on tour so check them out:

Lastly, we will be arriving home on the 10th for a show at the Jones Library in Amherst, Massachusetts with our friends in Cod and the Motel Matches. The Jones is an amazing space and the lineup is great, so we’d love to see you guys there for our home-coming!

Thanks so much everyone, see you soon!

Lion Cub

Currently listening: The Promise Ring – Horse Latitudes
Currently reading: The Rainbow – D.H. Lawrence


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