‘Seneca’ Sessions Completed, Upcoming shows

Greetings everyone!

This is a day that we have all been looking forward to for several years. Chelsey, Chris and I are all very excited to announce that our first album, Seneca, is officially completed. After several marathon days of mixing and editing we finished the record, tied the bow and delivered it to Kevin, our wonderful boss at Topshelf Records on Monday, May 17th.

We will have cover art soon, but for now you can head over to www.myspace.com/lioncubband to hear several songs off the album, including the first single “Pilgrim”. We’d like to thank all of the people who were so generous with their time in helping record and perform on the album.

Seneca will be released in mid-June, and we will post the official date, as well as pre-order details (which will include special bonus stuff!) as soon as we can. We will also be posting the official album art sometime later this week.

Lastly, we are truly excited to be playing a show with our good friend Ian O’Neil of Deer Tick this Sunday at O’Briens in Allston for only $6. Look for the official info below. 

O’Brien’s (w/ Ian O’Neil of DEER TICK!!!)
3 Harvard Ave.
Allston, MA
8 pm, $6

Thanks everybody!


Currently listening: The Hold Steady – Heaven Is Whenever
Currently reading: Libra – Don DeLillo


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