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We were mentioned in today’s New Haven Register. What a nice little article!

Making a Mix with Lion Cub

Friday, April 30, 2010

By Patrick Ferrucci

Who: Chad Jewitt and Chelsey Hahn of the electronically tinged pop band Lion Cub. The act formed after the demise of regional favorites La Guillotine, a group that put out discs on the Durham-based Kill Normal Records. In Lion Cub, Chad plays a whole lot of instruments, while Chelsey provides percussion and vocals. The group is rounded out by a variety of folks, including members of Weekend favorites Aeroplane, 1929.

Where you can see them: Chad, Chelsey and the rest of Lion Cub will be at The Space Sunday, opening for Gregory and the Hawk, a seriously great project featuring the songwriting talents of Meredith Godreau. But enough of this, here’s Lion Cub’s mix:

– “My Girl,” The Temptations (Chad) — I truly feel this is the greatest song ever written and recorded. The horn flairs in the second verse are this amazingly bright sort of golden melodic nostalgia. It all just fits. Also, David Ruffin is the finest vocalist who ever lived; just listen to him sing “I’ve got soooooo much honey, the bees envy me.” Case closed.

– “Heartbroke,” The Good Life (Chelsey) — This song has the highest play count on my iTunes. Tim Kasher’s voice is a dark, delicious dessert.

– “Hoist that Rag,” Tom Waits (Chad) — I recently read an article that referred to this song as a “swamp tango,” and that captures it perfectly. I’ve always loved the eerie Southern gothic vibe of late-career Tom Waits. This song, in particular, is stunning, this growling, looming presence. Plus, it’s one of the few Tom Waits songs you can dance to.

– “Gallery Piece,” Of Montreal (Chelsey) — This is the quintessential dance-around-my-bedroom track. It could be on an infinite loop and I would simply thank Kevin Barnes for sound-tracking my life.

– “Older Gods,” Wu-Tang Clan (Chad) — I was a huge hip-hop fan (and still stand by my New York classics) and am always and forever enthralled by Wu-Tang Clan. This song features Ghostface Killah, Raekwon and Gza, three of the greatest rappers of all time, each delivering perfect minute-long verses: no fat, no excess, just an awesome Rza soul hook and the most ridiculous poetry to come out of hip hop. Lines like “Don’t stress the small thing, copycats are finicky/ Without skills, they master the art of mimicry” speak for themselves.

– “Gore Veil,” The Deadly Snakes (Chelsey) — I love the contrast between the pitch-black lyrics and the upbeat, pop melody; the song itself is so sweet and hummable, even though it’s this strange rumination on death. We both miss this band a lot.

– “Linus and Lucy,” The Vince Guaraldi Trio (Chad) — Simply put, I think this is the loveliest pure melody I have ever heard; there is just something intangibly beautiful about it. Starting around Thanksgiving, I listen to “A Charlie Brown Christmas” just about daily and this song usually gets re-played at least three times each.

– “Psycho Killer,” Talking Heads (Chelsey) — For some reason, Talking Heads reminds me of science class. The music calls to mind laboratories and Bill Nye, although I take comfort in the fact that Bill Nye is not in fact a psycho killer, as far as I know.

– “I Will be Grateful for this Day,” Bright Eyes (Chad) — This was one of the songs that really began my love affair with mixing pop music and electronics in a more pastoral, less synthetic way; hearing those sounds layered into more traditional pop and indie rock was just so thrilling. The song itself is a beautiful ballad, but there is this manic drum machine programming that creates a lovely dissonance, especially given the song’s beautiful lyrics about nostalgia and youth.

– “Date With The Night,” Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Chelsey) — It was pretty hard to pick just one Yeah Yeah Yeahs track. I just love the controlled chaos going on in this song. I think it’s the best example of their early sound, and Karen O is a wild animal.

And as the article says, we are playing with Gregory and the Hawk on Sunday May 2nd at The Space! Come say Hi! (and get a copy of our new ep!)




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