Studio Update 4-19, New Shows


First of all, thank you to everyone who attended the Haiti Benefit concert this weekend and thank you to the bands and volunteers at PACE theater for your hard work. It was a great night with a lot of friends and family and delicious chocolate chip cookies for only a dollar.
Chris and I were also able to squeeze in a session on Monday, mainly devoted to finishing up Alex’s parts for the album (which are amazing) and editing. We opted for Panera instead of the usual Dominoes or Papa Gino’s, which was probably wise. We will officially be done with the album some time in mid-May. Needless to say we are extremely excited. Here is what we completed Monday, April 19th:

Vocals Completed – “Narration” – Alex
Vocals Completed – “Pilgrim” – Alex
Vocals Completed – “The Bird On Your Sill” – Alex
Vocals C0mpleted – “Seneca” – Chad

Lastly, we just wanted to remind everyone that we are playing with the amazing Gregory and the Hawk Sunday May 2nd at the Space in Hamden Connecticut. You can check the SHOWS page for specific info, but we will be playing a longer set (45 minutes) and selling our new tape featuring alternate versions of the songs from Seneca as well as our new hand-printed, recycled tote bags. We hope to see you guys there!!!


Currently listening: Simon & Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water
Currently reading: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man – James Joyce


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