Studio Update – 4-08

Hey everyone,

Yestery Chris, Chelsey and I got together for a long and fruitful session, one of several really magical days where everything clicked and our often ridiculous ideas bore fruit in ways we couldn’t imagine. As I’ve said to Chris many times, our best sessions always leave me with new favorite songs, with fresh perspective on this record.
Later, after another ill-conceived Domino’s break, Alex stopped by and began tracking the last few vocal parts he’ll be adding to the album before we get down to final mixes and mastering. Chris has been working hard at getting all the editing and levelling to where it needs to be, so a big thanks is due to him for the serious over-time he has been putting in to this record.

Here is what we accomplished, yestery, April 8th:

Vocals Added – “Cathedral” – Chad
Vocals Added – “Paintings of Hungry People” – Chad
Bells Added – “Poison Tree” – Chelsey
Bells Added – “Pilgrim” – Chelsey
Samples Added – “Pilgrim” – Chad, Chelsey, Chris
Vocals Added – “Narration” – Alex

Also, we are extremely excited to announce we will be playing with the amazing Gregory and the Hawk at the Space in Hamden CT, May 2nd at 7pm. You can check out Gregory and the Hawk here:
As always you can find information for all our upcoming shows, including stops in New Hampshire and Western Massachusetts in our SHOWS section.

Thanks everyone!


Currently listening: The Appleseed Cast – Low Level Owl, Vol. 1
Currently reading: Beloved – Toni Morrison


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