Studio Update – 4-02

Hi everybody!

I hope everyone is well. Things are starting to move ahead in the Lion Cub camp and I can now say with some confidence that Seneca will be out by mid-June. We spent a lot of this weekend getting the designs for the packaging done. We will have previews of that up very soon. Chris and I are working hard on getting the mixes where they need to be and cleaning up a few last minute things to get the record all the way done. Some time this week Alex will come in and finish up his vocals for the album and we will then be looking at just editing. We are obviously all very excited. Chris, Chelsey and I were able to get together on Good Friday to do additional tracking. Here is what we got done:

Xylophone added – “Southern Salt Baptist” – Chelsey
Xylophone added – “Paintings of Hungry People” – Chelsey
Xylophone added – “Narration” – Chelsey
Xylophone added – “Poison Tree” – Chad
Xylophone added – “Other Names for Saints” – Chad
Drum Machine added – “Other Names for Saints” – Chad

In other news, we have several shows coming up, you can get the details in our SHOWS section or go to Also we will now have totebags for sale at all our shows, hand screen-printed by Chelsey!

Thanks everybody!

Currently listening: The Cure – Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
Currently reading: Mrs Dalloway – Virginia Woolf


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