A Great Night at P.A’s, The Weeks Ahead, etc…

Hey everyone,

First of all we all would like to thank Rooftops, The Happiest Lion and The Americas for all putting on amazing shows last night, and for being such lovely people to share a stage with. Rooftops and The Americas are currently touring the United States so please show them so love and buy their records; both were truly incredible.

Last night was also our first show with our new percussionist/drummer Matt Dufresne. I have played music with Matt for close to a decade now and it feels great to have him as part of our Lion’s Club.
Lastly, we have several new shows coming up, so please check out the SHOWS page and come see us! Chelsey and I are working on some great Lion Cub merch which we’ll share pictures of as soon as its ready. Finally, be sure to check us out this Tuesday, March 30th at Church of Boston, 69 Kilmarnock Street, Boston MA with our good friends The Acre.

Thanks everyone!!!

Currently listening: Bright Eyes – Letting of the Happiness
Currently reading: Howards End – E.M. Forster


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