New Shows, Studio Update 3-26

Hello everyone!

Lots of news and goings on in the Lion Cub world. First of all, we’d like to extend a huge thank you to the Space for putting on another great show this past Wednesday and to Sunspots, Maribelle and Hi Planes Drifter, all of whom were really great and so friendly and gracious.

Secondly, tomorrow, Sunday the 28th, we are headlining PA’s Lounge in Somerville (345 Somerville Ave.) with three really awesome bands (including label mates, Rooftops). Please attend, entry is only $7.
We are also playing at Church of Boston this Tuesday, March 30th with our good friends The Acre.

Lastly, Chris and I had a nice, easy going session yesterday finishing up a few incidental vocal and guitar parts before the last day of tracking when Chelsey and Alex add their parts. It was a day marked by a long discussion of the greatness of Crispin Glover and Domino’s Pizza (we have yet to learn our lesson).

Here is what we accomplished, despite Domino’s Pizza:
Vocals Completed – “Paintings of Hungry People” – Chad
Vocals Completed – “Our Hound” – Chad
Vocals Completed – “Southern Salt Baptist” – Chad
Vocals Completed – “Narration” – Chad
Vocals Added – “Cathedral” – Chad
Guitar Added – “The Bird on Your Sill” – Chad
Guitar Added – “Pilgrim” – Chad
Guitar Added – “Narration” – Chad
Guitar Added – “Poison Tree” – Chad
Guitar Added – “Cathedral” – Chad
Guitar Added – “Other Names for Saints” – Chris
Synthesizer Added – “Other Names for Saints” – Chad

Thanks everyone!

Currently listening: The Appleseed Cast – Peregrine
Currently reading: Howards End – E.M. Forster


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