March 4th – Updates, Life in Lion Cub

Hey everyone,

It’s getting on two weeks since we last wrote anything here so I figured it was probably a good time for some more big picture writing. As we’ve said here before, we have two very exciting, big shows coming up at two great Boston venues. March 14th we will be headlining at TT the Bear’s Place in Central Square Cambridge at 10pm. Admission is 18+ so any one not of drinking age who wants to attend one of our shows should go, especially since the band opening for us, A Pony For My Birthday, is great. On March 30th we will be playing Church of Boston with our friends the Acre, who are wonderful and really nice. The full information will be listed below.

Secondly I wanted to mention that Chelsey and I are now beginning to look at a Summer tour of the East Coast. If anyone has friends or contacts for clubs or promoters from Boston to North Carolina and would like to pass it on it we be a huge, huge help. Right now we are looking at being out from mid-late June to early July.

We are still working on Seneca, especially Chris who has been mixing what we have finished in anticipation for the next couple sessions, which should be our last.  We are also writing a few new songs which may or may not work their way into a set or two. We’ve been playing one new song, “American Buffalo” live a lot and it feels good. It will probably end up on our next album, as will several songs that Chelsey and I are working out currently. Also, if anyone is interested in hearing particular songs from Seneca live that we haven’t been playing, please let us know; we are always willing to give songs a try.

Lastly, Chelsey and I are both looking forward to the new Alice in Wonderland in 3D. Right now I have been reading a lot of 1950’s Post War American Fiction and Early 20th century British Fiction for my last two Graduate Classes. After that I will simply be working on my final project for my Masters, which probably means a Fall Tour if we can find the time (Thanksgiving maybe). I have also been listening to a lot of Rilo Kiley and Modest Mouse, and really a lot of the bands that I listened to when I began the Lion Cub project. I guess there is a certain energy and brightness in records like More Adventurous and Good News for People Who Love Bad News that I’m really drawn to, especially as Spring is slowly coming. It is snowing, but it is also well above 40 degrees out. Chelsey has been reading Michael Chabon and listening to a lot of NPR podcasts.

Well thanks so much for reading, as always, and hopefully we will have more shows to announce and more progress on the album to report. Stay tuned!

  • March 14thTT the Bear’s Place
    10 Brookline Street
    Cambridge, MA 02139
    w/ A Pony for My Birthday
    9:15 pm, $7
  • March 30thChurch of Boston
    69 Kilmarnock Street
    Boston, MA
    w/ The Acre (
    8pm, $6
  • Chad

    Currently listening: Rilo Kiley – More Adventurous
    Currently reading: Rabbit, Run  – John Updike


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