2/22 Studio Update

Hey everyone,

Yesterday Chris, Trevor and I were able to get together and push forward with tracking the album. We actually got a good amount of work accomplished, including finishing up Trevor’s vocal parts for the album and getting a good portion of the songs close to done. Soon Chelsey will be adding her parts and Alex will finish up his harmonies and the album will be done except for the final mix. Big thank you’s are in order to Chris for finding the time for a very long, and at times exhausting, session.

February 22nd, 2010:
Vocals Completed – “The Bird On Your Sill” – Chad
Vocals Completed – “Pilgrim” – Chad
Vocals Completed – “Cathedral (In The Briars)” – Chad
Vocals Added – “Other Names for Saints (Wild Palms)” – Chad
Vocals Added – “Seneca (Hatchet)” – Chad
Vocals Added – “Southern Salt Baptist” – Chad
Vocals Completed – “Pilgrim” – Trevor
Vocals Completed – “Southern Salt Baptist” – Trevor
Vocals Completed – “Our Hound” – Trevor
Vocals Completed – “Cathedral (In The Briars)” – Trevor
Samples Added – “Seneca (Hatchet)” – Chris

Lastly, we’d just like to remind everyone that we’re playing at All Asia on Mass Ave. in Central Square Cambridge this Friday, February 26th at 10pm. Tickets are only $6, just make sure you mention you are “Here for Lion Cub” at the door.

Thanks everyone!!!


Currently listening: The Weakerthans – Reunion Tour
Currenntly reading: Goodbye, Columbus – Philip Roth


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