2/5 Studio Update

Hey Everyone,

Chris and I did some work on the record. At this point we’re truly in the home stretch with vocals started on all 11 songs and completed on just about half of them. At this point it is mostly a matter of cleaning up what’s already there and adding the last few details. Happily we’re still on schedule to be finished in the early to mid Spring.

Here is what we tracked Friday, February 5th.
Vocals Completed – “Seneca (Hatchet)” – Chad
Vocals Completed – “Cathedral” – Chad
Vocals Started – “On An Urn” – Chad
Vocals Started – “Other Names for Saints” – Chad
Vocals Added – “Southern Salt Baptist” – Chad
Vocals Added – “Pilgrim” – Chad 

In other news, Chelsey and I recently finished watching The Wire on DVD. I honestly agree with the notion that it is the greatest television show of all time. Seasons 3 and 4 were just superb. Next up is Deadwood which I also hear great things about.

Lastly, our first headlining show is less than a week away, and we would love to see lots of folks there. Trevor and Julian will be helping out. It is at P.A’s Lounge in Somerville (345 Somerville Ave) MA and it is only $8 for entry. As always, we will be selling the new “Poison Tree” single!

Thanks everyone!


Currently listening: The Magnetic Fields – Realism
Currently reading: The Secret Agent – Joseph Conrad


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